eBook – How to Change a Law

This content packed e-book, "How to Change a Law," reveals: 1) The top 3 components every campaign must have 2) The 7 key steps to advocacy success 3) Why issue clarity is essential to your efforts 4) How the top 1% get the laws that they want 5) The five critical mistakes most people make

How To Change A Law With iLobby and John Thibault | CB163

Chris Brake Show Podcast

John Thibault wants to make it easy for people like you to change laws. John’s the author of How to Change a Law: The 7-Step Guide and the main dude involved with iLobby.co – a website where people like you can go to change a law. Is it dangerous letting people like you change a law so easily? Only time will tell. We talk with John about how to change a law, why the system is so messed up, and how easy it is to change a law with his new website iLobby.

How To Change A Law With iLobby and John Thibault | CB163

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iLobby and John Thibault Topics

  • Why should we care about lobbyists?
  • Bad thing about lobbyists
  • How to easily get your voice heard to change a law
  • How much does it cost to change a law?
  • Who helped create ilobby.co?
  • Beating Barack Obama’s book on Amazon
  • 7-Day Challenge

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