iLobby – How it Works


iLobby® connects you with other voters to resolve issues with your political leaders. This right is guaranteed under the First Amendment. [1]

In a democracy voting gives us a chance to express our opinion. But we only vote every couple of years. Many times it doesn’t cover the specific changes we might like to see. iLobby empowers you to do more.

We call this micro-lobbying. Here’s how it works.


You connect around issues you care about. These are the same issue categories [2] used by the US Congress.

We make it easy for you to find Representatives who share your views, regardless of political party. But we also help you find other like-minded people who support your point of view. This way you achieve greater precision and transparency and you accomplish this through open debate.


Anyone can start a debate.  This can be about an issue that affects your business or your life. It can be a specific bill that Congress is about to pass or it can be an unjust law that you would like to change or repeal.

By debating in the open and gathering support, you can put a toe in the water and test your issue. People vote on it and support you or they can oppose you. They can bring arguments to the table that will strengthen your debate or weaken it. In the end you achieve clarity of thought and strong arguments on your issue.


When your debate wins, you pool your resources with others. You now have clarity of message, a mass of voters who agree with you and now you add the third important element, money.

For a small individual fee you gain political staying power. If 1,000 or 10,000 voters agree with you, and together you contribute $5,000 you and your group gain the clout to hire a professional lobbyist on an ongoing basis to help you even the playing field, just like the big guys.

Now, you don’t have to go it alone.

Remember, some companies make a one year commitment and provide $500,000 retainer to hire a top Washington lobbyist. For individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses, trade associations and communities we think spreading the cost makes sense. We believe this is a more effective and sustainable solution than signing petitions, writing your Congressman, making small campaign contributions or protesting in the streets. You can still do all of these things. But micro-lobbying frees up your time. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

When you select and hire a professional lobbyist, you immediately gain their expertise, contacts and knowledge. They can even coordinate with your existing lobbyist, if you have one.

You also strengthen your position by having constituents identified by district in your corner. Remember, a Congressman can only be reimbursed for expenses related to his district [3] and will only work for his constituents.

By knowing the rules, you effectively bring the power of many constituents from around the country together to share in your collective success.

If your issue is well intentioned and your support is broad and strong, your representative will want to hear from you. Then, with thousands of voters and a professional approach, your message will come through loud and clear.

As the debate owner, you are empowered and you have full control.

You select the issue. You debate the pros and cons. You pledge your support on the issues that matter to you. And we match you with lobbyists who specialize in a compatible practice area. The lobbyist answers to you. This is what the big companies, unions and special interests do.

Now, you can too! So, try it. Create a new law, fix a broken one or repeal a bad one.

Persuade eloquently!

Your Personal Persuasion Platform!

[1] Source: Amendments to the US Constitution

[2] Source: Lobbying Disclosure, Office of the Clerk, US House of Representatives

[3] Source: Members’ HandbookCommittee on House Administration

About iLobby

John Thibault is the founder and CEO of iLobby and the author of the #1 international best seller, How to Change a Law. iLobby is the easiest way for anyone to pass a law. Cloud-based, crowd sourced, crowd funded. Free minicourse available at People use iLobby to debate issues, seek resolution to political problems in their community, and to discover, share and express what is important to them.
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