How to Get Politically Involved Without Falling in the Pool

Anyone Can Change a Law

It is appalling and extremely unfortunate that apathy has become very common among the politicians who are absolutely indifferent towards many of the bitter truths of reality that need recognition and justice. They just don’t bother to take an action to make things work in the right manner that it should. The common masses are just not allowed, in most cases, to speak and place their opinion. It is high time that some new ways and processes are introduced that will engage more and more members to bring some change starting from grass roots politics.

Anyone Can Lobby

There has always been a gap between what the set aim and goals and what actually happens and how government handles these goals. This gap can be bridged by lobbying. Lobbying is a necessity that will make organisations focus on what should be done and influence the decision makers to advance towards making things right and the way it should actually be.

Laws are made and broken. You yourself can make laws that are deemed to make situations better. Common people have always been deprived of the rights to make political decisions but lobbying will help to raise a voice and create space for opinions and views to be registered. This will compel the politicians and the government to take heed of the opinions and strive to do things the public actually wants them to so.

Your Opinion Matters

Yes, it is feasible to get involved in hard core politics even without falling in the pool through grass-roots lobbying. Politics is difficult but “Anyone can change a Law”. This is what the motto of iLobby is. This is what iLobby has strived for. To help people get the opportunity to take decisions that they think are right and change the law for absolute betterment.

Communication, Community and Currency

iLobby is a community where people can actually change a law. One can stay in the backdrop and just enjoy the show or can sign in at iLobby and cast their vote, comment, debate, like, share or vote. One person is entitled to give one vote. There is nothing fake about iLobby. All are real voters and all real names who just want to change things that are wrong. The best thing is that you can put your own issue in front and can claim its approval. You can start your own debate and hence start a following.

You might get a chance to employ a lobbyist to represent your group if your issue is strong enough and your crusade is triumphant.

No more slogans, no more marches, no more petitions, no more getting drenched standing in the rain while waiting for media attention, no more writing to your congressman for democracy and then being ignored.

At iLobby you can change a law, you can bring out the real meaning of democracy.

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About iLobby

John Thibault is the founder and CEO of iLobby and the author of the #1 international best seller, How to Change a Law. iLobby is the easiest way for anyone to pass a law. Cloud-based, crowd sourced, crowd funded. Free minicourse available at People use iLobby to debate issues, seek resolution to political problems in their community, and to discover, share and express what is important to them.
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