How to Change a Law

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“This is for any American who believes they can change the system. – Jackie T. (WA-07)

“This seems a more cost-effective way to ensure the voice of the small business owner is heard.” – John G. (IL-10)

How to Change a Law is a simple do-it-yourself manual for voters and policy advocates who want to take political action and change laws.

John Thibault - BOOK softcover


Using the iLobby platform and our 7-step guide, you will learn how to craft your message, build a coalition and move your issue forward. You will also learn to vote on issues, not just for candidates. Most of us confuse politics with policy.

In this book we’re not talking about getting people elected to office. We are talking about helping our elected leaders find solutions to problems that affect all of us. Issues like student debt, gun violence, immigration, cyber security, privacy, ISIS, energy independence, healthcare, taxes etc.

If you are willing to go on the journey, this book will be your roadmap to becoming a “Citizen Legislator.”

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About iLobby

John Thibault is the founder and CEO of iLobby and the author of the #1 international best seller, How to Change a Law. iLobby is the easiest way for anyone to pass a law. Cloud-based, crowd sourced, crowd funded. Free minicourse available at People use iLobby to debate issues, seek resolution to political problems in their community, and to discover, share and express what is important to them.
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