Hillary or Trump?

Generally the people who are the least empowered are the ones who are the most agitated and in need of the answer to the big question. Are you voting for Hillary or Trump?

I was questioned and pressed by a woman yesterday who took me aside and told me Trump was the worst possible candidate and Hillary wasn’t much better. But, who will I vote for?

I told her it didn’t matter because a delegate in the Electoral College would determine the outcome. It didn’t matter how many ways I said this, she still couldn’t get over it. In the past few weeks I have encountered several other people with the same compulsive behavior and line of questioning.

Rightsidereport Trump Hillary

They have fallen prey to the myth of what Elliott Wave’s Robert Prechter calls the “omnipotent director.” They believe that one man (Superman) will save them. All I know is no one is up to the task. This kind of thinking is a projection of the “I am helpless” myth and “someone should save me” but there’s no one good enough so I should just remain a victim forever.

So what I’m saying is, people who are further away from the center of power are more likely to experience this affect and phenomena. It’s like some medical condition of the brain when as Dr. Daniel Amen says the Cingulate Gyrus can’t stop obsessing about one side of an equation and the rational frontal lobe does not interfere or help calm them down. So the prefrontal cortex stays out of the equation. They just can’t get over it.

But there is a group not bringing this up because they seem to understand the subtleties of the political system. Who are they? Well naturally they are informed, engaged and closer to the center of power, politically speaking.

They are the 1%. They are the donor class because they know what’s going on. They are not preoccupied by who the president will be six months from now. They have bets on both sides because they understand policy and are simply positioning themselves for the best outcome regardless of who is chosen.

So who is involved in this human drama on the outskirts of town? Who is constantly obsessing over how the next president is going to affect their life, take away the right to choice, take away their business and all their opportunity or make sure that they have no money left after he/she is in office?

Who are these people? Well you would think they would be the people who have something to lose but in reality they have nothing to lose. In fact the strangest thing about this is that some of these people are actually not even citizens or US registered voters. I know for a fact that some of them are green card holders who do not vote at all. Yet they are incredibly obsessed with this question and they need an answer from everyone they know right now.

And that is a problem.

The media picks up on this and shows that they are victims. Like Lilliputians on a spinning bowl shaped on lathe, as the curves of the outer extreme on the circumference are molded, these people are falling out over the edge into nothingness as it spins faster and faster.

They have the least to lose. They are the most susceptible and therefore the media focuses on them because they seem to present a good tragic story. They are falling off the spinning bowl as it goes faster and faster, and we have to help them. I think.

The least powerful are the most concerned and the least effective, yet the most powerful are the least concerned yet they are the most effective.

The key?

Get away from the edge before centrifugal force throws you off. Move toward the center and once you arrive at the center all will be still and every choice will be equidistant from you and nothing will seem extreme.

Once you’re there, you will know who to vote for. Let me know in November.

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Image Source: http://rightsidereport.com/polls/poll-trump-vs-hillary-who-would-you-vote-for

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