How To Change A Law With iLobby and John Thibault | CB163

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John Thibault wants to make it easy for people like you to change laws. John’s the author of How to Change a Law: The 7-Step Guide and the main dude involved with – a website where people like you can go to change a law. Is it dangerous letting people like you change a law so easily? Only time will tell. We talk with John about how to change a law, why the system is so messed up, and how easy it is to change a law with his new website iLobby.

How To Change A Law With iLobby and John Thibault | CB163

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iLobby and John Thibault Topics

  • Why should we care about lobbyists?
  • Bad thing about lobbyists
  • How to easily get your voice heard to change a law
  • How much does it cost to change a law?
  • Who helped create
  • Beating Barack Obama’s book on Amazon
  • 7-Day Challenge

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About iLobby

John Thibault is the founder and CEO of iLobby and the author of the #1 international best seller, How to Change a Law. iLobby is the easiest way for anyone to pass a law. Cloud-based, crowd sourced, crowd funded. Free minicourse available at People use iLobby to debate issues, seek resolution to political problems in their community, and to discover, share and express what is important to them.
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